BiOrb Life 15 Aquarium Review

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Setting up an aquarium is the start of a lovely hobby or home decoration, but this process may be complicated.

Full kits that provide you with all the necessary items, tools, and filters are a great alternative to building a setup from scratch. But how can you know which kit is truly effective? To help you make the best purchase, today we’re evaluating the biOrb Life 15 Aquarium. Is it right for you?

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Will extra purchases be necessary, and does this kit suit all fish? Based on our experience with the product, it’s easy to set up, simple to maintain and boasts of a sleek, modern design.

However, some of us felt that it is more stylistic than functional, and others had issues with their water staying clean. Were these rare complaints or the overall verdict?

To ensure you get the full story, we’ve broken down all the necessary details below.  Let’s take a closer look at the biOrb Life 15 Aquarium, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

BiOrb Life 15 Aquarium: The Details


  • Weight: 24.2 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 16.1x 15.8 x 23.2 inches.
  • Capacity: 12 gallons.
  • Lighting: LED lighting.
  • Glass or Acrylic: Acrylic.
  • Accessories: biOrb 12V transformer, biOrb air Pump, air stone, ceramic media (1 lb.), filter cartridge, water conditioner (5 ml.), beneficial bacteria liquid (5 ml.), standard LED Light unit.
  • Warranty: Two-year warranty.



The biOrb Life 15 Aquarium holds up to twelve gallons of water. While this is rather small by aquarium standards, it’s absolutely sufficient for holding a couple of fish, certain plant life, and extra decorations to spice up your tank.

The design is also vertical, rather than horizontal. As such, fish that enjoy a tall aquarium will thrive in this environment. However, space at the bottom of the tank is limited.

Five-Stage Filtration

This biOrb aquarium has a filtration system with five different stages. These include biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration, along with water stabilization and oxygenation.

The system uses ceramic media for biological filtration, along with a filter containing the chemical media and a sponge for the mechanical filtration.

For the oxygenation, you receive an air stone, which breaks the flow of air in the tank, splitting it into many tiny bubbles. You also receive a bottle of water conditioner and beneficial bacteria to help stabilize the water.


This aquarium kit includes an air pump to help circulate the water through the tank, while also ensuring it properly cycles through the filtration systems.

Although the pump comes with this aquarium, it can be used with any biOrb aquarium you may own. As it is a low-voltage design, it won’t use up much energy.

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The biOrb Life 15 Aquarium offers a rather unique design. Instead of a long, rectangular design or a fishbowl, it’s a rounded rectangle that’s taller than it is wide.

The front and back panels are both made of clear acrylic, while the other sides are completely black. This design provides a sleek, modern look that will fit perfectly with most decors.

Lighting and Color

The biOrb Life 15 Aquarium also features an LED lighting system. It not only provides the tank with sufficient lighting to view your fish, but it also changes color.

There are sixteen different colors you can pick from, with four different time cycles. The cycles allow you to change the brightness or dimness based on the time of day.

So, if it is morning, the light will be stronger, while at night, it will soften.

BiOrb Life 15 Aquarium Review

The Positives

Super Easy to Set Up

The biOrb Life 15 Aquarium is very easy to set up, requiring no more than thirty minutes of your time. The first step is to remove the bubble tube from the filter; turn it counterclockwise and lift it out.

Next, place the tube on the filter cartridge and fasten it tightly. Then, insert the tube into the aquarium tank and fasten it to the filter’s housing.

Next, you can deal with the media and the pump. First, wash the ceramic media carefully and then place it into the tank, around the filter. Then, connect the air hose from the aquarium to the aerator pump and attach the pump to the tank.

Make sure it’s placed above the waterline. Connect the pump’s cable to the transformer, so that it forms a drip-loop shape.

Now you can attach the lighting system, fill the tank with water, plug in the transformer, and add the water conditioner. Once the pump is up and running, just add the biological booster to the water.

Very Easy to Maintain

This aquarium is also easy to clean and maintain. There’s no need to dismantle several pieces or struggle to clean multiple components.

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The first step is to remove a third of the water, wash the aquarium’s sides with cleaner pads, and then add the water back in. Be sure to add water conditioner to the new water before placing it in the tank.

To clean the filter cartridge, simply remove the old one and insert a new one. The same goes for replacing the air stone. It’s very simple and intuitive, ensuring your tank will remain in peak condition with little effort.

You won’t need a great deal of fishkeeping experience to keep this aquarium running. BiOrb makes it easy to stay on top of your aquarium meaning a happier tank for longer, without much effort from you! This is great news for those just starting out.

Extremely Compact and Stylish Build

While many aquarium kits require a great deal of space, especially because of their added equipment, that is not the case with the biOrb Life 15 Aquarium. It can easily fit on small to medium-size tables or even on a bookshelf.

Since it takes up more vertical space than horizontal, it cleverly fits into more compact areas. So long as you have the overhead clearance, you’ll be fine.

Its design is also super stylish, taking a minimalistic yet modern approach. BiOrb makes it easy for this aquarium to fit into a variety of decor styles seamlessly. Available in black, white, or transparent, your aquarium may just turn into a new conversational piece.

Really Durable

BiOrb uses acrylic in their design of the Life 45 Aquarium, elongating the lifespan of this tank. Acrylic is known to last longer than glass thanks to its durable make.

In fact, acrylic is said to be ten times stronger than glass, so you won’t have to worry about any bumps or scratches ruining your new aquarium. Unlike glass, acrylic is also less likely to break. Should your aquarium have a tumble for any reason, it will likely stay all in one piece!

It’ll be easier to see your aquarium in action since acrylic tends to be clearer than glass too. And, when you’re ready to move, you can bet on this tank being so much lighter.

While a number of aquarists prefer the look and feel of glass, those looking for a more durable option may be better off with acrylic.

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The Negatives

User Error May Cause Cleaning Issues

This wasn’t a popular complaint, but some of us who tried it struggled to keep the tank clean. We had issues with the water turning green and couldn’t find a reason behind it.

This could be due to a number of problems, from user error when setting up the aquarium to receiving a faulty media or filter.

However, since this didn’t occur for most of us, you’re unlikely to encounter the issue. Since this aquarium is pretty easy to clean, if it’s giving you issues, be sure to check for any errors in the set-up process.

More Stylish Than Functional

A few of us also noticed that, while this tank kit operated well, it’s more stylish than functional. It works to ensure your fish enjoy a clean environment, but it performs only the bare minimum.

As we learned, if you’re looking for an aquarium mainly for aesthetic purposes, this is perfect. However, if you’re after a small tank to house certain fish, this is not the best option.

As a full-fledged aquarium, it may need additional equipment or cleaning gear. Keep this in mind if you want to start a flourishing underwater world. That said, for those just starting out with fishkeeping, this may be an easy tank to keep.

Here’s a video showing what the biOrb Life 15 Aquarium looks like out of the box.

Overall Verdict

After going through all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the biOrb Life 15 Aquarium.

It’s easy to set up and maintain, boasts a compact size, and the lighting and unique design features are very appealing. Since it includes all the necessary equipment and accessories in one box, you can enjoy a brand new set-up in just minutes.

While this kit doesn’t offer the strongest pump or filter, so long as you’re after aesthetic appeal rather than a demanding collection of fish, you won’t be disappointed.

It looks beautiful, performs well according to its purpose, and saves you the hassle of having to assemble a full kit personally.

Where to Buy the biOrb Life 15 Aquarium

Getting started with an aquarium can be tricky, but the biOrb Life 15 Aquarium makes it easy. This sleek offering from biOrb comes in four sizes (we reviewed the 12 gallon/45 L version).

The kit that comes with the aquarium provides everything you need to get started with a few relatively small fish: lights, filters, a bowl, and a user manual.

With easy setup, easy maintenance, and a compact build, this Aquarium is a great option if you’re limited on space and time. The clean, minimalist design alone will make it the star of any room it’s in.

While picking out your new aquarium, don’t forget to populate it with stones, plants, and other fun decorations to give your fish a place to hang out. And when you’re looking for fish, be sure to select smaller fish (less than 1.5″) and account for future growth in your selection.

And remember not to overstock your new aquarium with fish! Too many fish and you’ll end up struggling to keep the aquarium clean.

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That’s the end of our biOrb Life 15 review. Curious to give this stylish aquarium a try?

biOrb Life 15 Aquarium Rated
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  • Accessories
  • Design
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money

FCG Verdict

The biOrb Life 15 Aquarium is stylish, easy to maintain, and is made with durable acrylic!

While it’s perfect for a variety of fishkeepers, those keen on style will likely fall in love with this tank.

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