Shrimp Bubble Review

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The Shrimp Bubble is a closed ecosystem delivered straight to your door. Easy to maintain and easy to place no matter where you live, this is a great way of introducing live animals in your living space without impeding on your personal lifestyle.

Since it requires so little effort, you can either get it for yourself as a nice extra or make it a gift to someone who wants to get into keeping fish but doesn’t know where to start.

shrimp bubble review

Of course, the small size and closed ecosystem don’t make this an ideal accessory for experimenting. However, if you’re just seeking a good-looking bubble to expand your collection, this shrimp bubble does make a fine match.

With some pros and cons going for it, there’s a lot to be said about something so small. Luckily, we noted everything down so you can get up to speed, so be sure to read on and find out more.

Shrimp Bubble Self Sustaining Semi-Closed Aquatic Ecosystem Kit: The Details


  • Weight: 5 x 3.5 x 4 inches.
  • Dimensions: 2 lbs.
  • Warranty: Live arrival guarantee and a recharge policy.


Included in each of these kits, you will find:

  • 3 to 4 Live Marine Shrimp.
  • Glass Bubble.
  • Crafted Cork Top.
  • Gravel.
  • Dry Sea Fan Branch.
  • Lava Rocks.
  • Sea Shells.
  • Live Algae
  • Filtered Brackish Water – enriched with microorganisms.
  • Algae Scrubbing Magnets.
  • Easy Shrimp Bubble Kit Assembly and Care Instructions.
  • Small Paper Funnel.


Aquatic Ecosystem Kit  

If there’s one thing that completely sells this shrimp bubble, it’s the enclosed ecosystem that comes to you in one piece.

As a conversation piece, this one is sure to break the ice between you and anyone first laying eyes on it.

Whether it’s a gift for yourself or for someone else, the quirkiness of this gift in combination with the low effort in taking care of these pets is sure to be a winning combination.

Live Delivery

It might seem like a straightforward item, but delivering any sort of live creature to your home is not as easy as it sounds.

Small creatures such as shrimp are subject to any number of mishaps, so getting these to your home safe and sound can be quite the feat.

There’s a guaranteed warranty for a shrimp replacement, should the worst happen during travel, but most testers reported that they received all of their shrimp safe and sound.

While they mostly show up alive, you will find your shrimp to be quite lethargic upon first arrival and it can take a few weeks for them to perk up.

Plenty of Accessories

As a Shrimp Bubble Self Sustaining Semi-Closed Aquatic Ecosystem Kit, it’s obvious you’ll want quite a few accessories to liven things up and make the bubble look interesting.

With the list of accessories you’ll find earlier in this review, it’s safe to say your shrimp habitat is going to be well stocked and pretty to look at.

If you’re not a fan of overly stuffed habitats, you’ll want to research which elements contribute to the ecosystem and which decorations are unnecessary before you remove them.

Easily Accessible

One of the issues with the keeping any pet is how easy it will be to provide its basic needs.

When it comes to the needs of these shrimp, you’ll find that their two most pressing ones are cleanliness and food. Both of these are easy to fulfill.

Cleaning can be done with the cleaning magnets, while any occasional feeding is done by removing the loose cork and dropping in small pellets.

aquatic ecosystem kit

Shrimp Bubble Self Sustaining Semi-Closed Aquatic Ecosystem Kit Review

The Positives

Easy to Maintain

Keeping pets isn’t easy when you’re busy or don’t have much space. Traditional aquariums require you to have at least an electrical socket nearby, as well as a willingness to invest in additional filters and other accessories.

Thanks to the Shrimp Bubble Aquatic Ecosystem Kit, you don’t need to make any additional purchases.

On top of that, the ecosystem is set up so that you will need to do minimal feeding and can get away with ignoring your shrimp bubble for long periods of time.

All you need to do is occasionally lift the cork from the bottle, letting in fresh air and nutrients.

This is great for first timers (even kids) who want to get a taste of what it’s like to care for fish or other living creatures. Since this set is easy-to-maintain, it will be easy to be motivated to learn more.


While an interesting conversation piece, this shrimp bubble is also the perfect way of introducing younger people to the concept of ecosystems.

Whether you’re a teacher looking to break away from the hamster cage, or just a parent who wants to entertain your children, this is a fun and unique way of introducing something new to your intellectual life.

Since care instructions are easy, you won’t have to worry about being forgetful.


It doesn’t need to be flashy or high tech to entertain. This shrimp bubble is an ideal accessory for your workspace, providing a passive distraction instead of actively demanding your attention.

This shrimp bubble is the perfect fit for more subtle interior decors. If you’re too short on space at home or in the office to keep larger pets, or larger aquariums, the Shrimp Bubble may just be your answer.

Shrimp Bubble Self Sustaining Semi Closed Aquatic Ecosystem Kit

Perfect Gift

Getting live animals as a gift is always risky; someone could be allergic, running low on time, or have other objections. None of this matters much when considering the shrimp bubble.

You will not be provoking any allergies with this gift, nor will there be any other objections, since these shrimp do not require any active participation.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for an animal or plant lover, it will be hard to go wrong with the Shrimp Bubble.


Whether it’s a gift for a friend, family member, or yourself, you won’t be expected to dig too deep into your pockets for this item.

The Shrimp Bubble is advertised at a very reasonable price, making it easy for beginners to dip their toes into the hobby, and for gift-givers to not feel bad about the price of their present.

You get everything you’ll possibly need to get going without having to make extra purchases, including accessories and materials needed to set up and clean the bubble.

Warranty and Customer Service

We understand that ordering live animals from the internet may cause some worry. Fortunately, Shrimp Bubble thought ahead by offering a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

Should your live shrimp arrive less than peppy or your small tank comes to your doorstep with a crack or a chip, simply contact Shrimp Bubble and they’ll send replacements without hassle.

They’re known for having a great customer service department that’s helpful and attentive, so you won’t be left out in the cold should something not be the way it was advertised, or if you just need to ask a pressing question.

While it comes with detailed instructions that are easy to follow, there’s also a lot of information on their website in regards to the product, as well as guidelines on how to care for your new pets. And if you lose the instructions for your own model, you can find all the details here as well.

The Negatives

No Room for Creativity

With all the added accessories and the obviously well-regulated ecosystem inside the bottle, there’s not much room left for experimentation.

If you have had your eye on a specific decoration for a while, there is a good chance it won’t fit in this bottle.

If you want to swap out items, be sure to do your research beforehand, before you risk upsetting the internal balance of this bubble.


While it makes for a versatile decoration, this is a very small sphere to keep live animals in. It might make the shrimp happy, but you don’t want to risk keeping any large aquatic creatures in here.

If you want to experiment with your own ecosystem, we recommend investing in a larger aquarium, which will be better for any animals you purchase as well as benefit your wallet in the long run.

Rusty Magnets

Some testers have made the mistake of leaving the magnet inside of the habitat at all times. While this may be more convenient, it has downsides.

Since this will cause the magnets to rust, we recommend keeping them outside of the bottle, which will improve the longevity of both your magnets and the shrimp.

Shrimp Bubble Self Sustaining Semi Closed Aquatic Ecosystem Kit

Overall Verdict

The Shrimp Bubble is the perfect companion for anyone who would love to keep live fish, but who can’t seem to find the time to actually commit.

Asking for minimum maintenance and with residents that are happy literally anywhere, it would be hard to find a person who would find this a time-consuming endeavor.

There are some people who won’t be very impressed with this shrimp bubble. If you’re a big fan of designing your own closed ecosystems, you’ll probably feel like this particular one does not give you enough space to experiment for yourself.

In the same way, anyone who is big on designing their own layout for aquariums from scratch will feel trapped in these small confines.

But, if you’re looking for a fun accessory that doesn’t ask much and will provide something interesting to talk about, this is a sure winner.

Where to Buy the Shrimp Bubble Self Sustaining Semi-Closed Aquatic Ecosystem Kit

The Shrimp Bubble has definitely been gaining attention on the world wide web. Besides that though, there’s not much of a brand presence for the company behind the product.

This product is the only item in their shop, along with accessories for the Shrimp Bubble, but we hope to see more items from them in the future, as well as more of a brand presence.

It’s always best to check pet, fish or specialty shops, but chances are, the Shrimp Bubble might be a bit hard to find both in-store and online.

To kick-start your search though, you can check out their website through the link below.

And thankfully, you can also find this product on Amazon.

Shrimp Bubble Self Sustaining Semi Closed Aquatic Ecosystem Kit

That’s it for our Shrimp Bubble review. Curious to give it a try?

Shrimp Bubble Rated
  • Build Quality
  • Accessories
  • Design
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money

FCG Verdict

The Shrimp Bubble is without a doubt one of the easiest ‘aquariums’ you can own, making it a great choice for beginner hobbyists and children!

It includes everything you need to keep your small ecosystem in motion, without putting any pressure on your wallet.

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