Fish Tank Decorations: What Should You Never Put In Your Tank?

is plastic safe for fish tanks

Bringing fish into your home isn’t as complicated as bringing another type of pet into your life, right?They’re going into an enclosed tank, instead of running around your house, so the upkeep should be minimal. While that’s true to an extent, there are still health and preparation elements that you’ll need to take into account … Read more

Iwagumi Tank Guide

iwagumi tank

For aquarists who want to take their game one step further, aquascaping can be an enticing concept. Aquascaping generally refers to the craft of designing the concept of your aquarium, from choosing the types of plants you want to have to the substrate you will use. Aquascaping can be quick and simple, or it can … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Aquascaping


Aquascaping is the art of gardening under water. To aquascape is to arrange aquatic plants, stone, caves, and driftwood in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing. There is a huge range of styles for your aquascape aquarium, and it has become a very popular hobby. The Aquatic Gardeners Association, a United States-based organization, has over … Read more

How to Style Your Planted Aquarium


It may surprise you, but crafting a beautiful aquascape for your fish tank can actually be an art. Aquascaping is most easily defined as using fish, plants, or man-made decorations to create a beautiful little world inside your aquarium. While many people style their aquariums after underwater areas, like seas or lakes, some attempt to … Read more