Why Is My Fish Not Eating?

Fish not eating

As every aquarist knows, to correctly maintain and keep fish, you have to make them feel as comfortable in their tank as possible. This usually means replicating their natural habitat by providing them with their preferred lighting and water parameters, enough space to freely grow and move about, and their favorite foods. But when you … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Red Slime Algae

red slime algae

Maintaining a clean and healthy tank is the pride of any fish-keeper – be they a professional or hobbyist. After all, the happiness of your fish and the aesthetic of your tank depend on your hard work. So, how should you react if you find red algae in your fish tank? Does this mean you’ve … Read more

How To Stock A 5 Gallon Fish Tank

5 gallon fish tank combinations

If you’re looking for a compact aquarium to keep in tight quarters or you just want a cute, little tank to fill with tiny fish, then getting a 5-gallon aquarium is the best option. They are one of the most popular tank sizes, but also ones you need to clean most often. Let’s look at … Read more

Complete Guide To Hair Algae

how to get rid of green hair algae

When caring for an aquarium, it’s important to make sure the ecosystem is perfectly suited to your fishy residents. That being said, there’s not a single aquarist who hasn’t dealt with an algae invasion at least once – let alone a green hair algae invasion. If you find yourself staring down a collection of soft, … Read more

A Complete Guide to Coralline Algae

coralline algae

Algae is often thought to be the bane of any aquarium enthusiast’s tank—and for good reason. Large amounts of it can produce too much oxygen or release too much nitrogen back into the environment when it dies, creating an unsafe chemical imbalance that could kill everything inside your tank. Not all algae are bad algae, … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Bristle Worms

saltwater worms

Have you noticed the appearance of worms in your saltwater tank? You may have an infestation of bristle worms – a fairly common occurrence in saltwater aquariums. Exactly what are bristle worms? Are they harmful to your aquarium life? And if they are, then how do you safely get rid of them? If you’re trying … Read more

Do I Need a Fish Tank Air Pump?

fish tank bubbler

As you go about setting up an aquarium fish tank, you have a lot of factors to consider. How big a tank should you get? What kind of animals will you fill it with? Should you include plants, or lights, gravel or decorations? Among this, there is one more thing you should definitely consider installing … Read more

How to Set Up a Saltwater Fish Tank

saltwater aquarium setup

While there are many beautiful freshwater fish available for aquarists to enjoy, one can’t deny the most colorful, exotic, and lively species around tend to be found in saltwater. After all, who hasn’t watched Finding Nemo and reconsidered their normal aquarium set-up in favor of one to hold a Nemo and Dory? As you may … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Fish Tank

starting a fish tank for beginners

When it comes to how to start a fish tank, you may feel overwhelmed with the options and responsibilities. Most of us had a fish bowl as children, or perhaps your parents managed a medium-sized tank. Yet, when it comes to investing in an aquarium of your own, you discover so many special requirements you … Read more

Fish Tank Decorations: What Should You Never Put In Your Tank?

is plastic safe for fish tanks

Bringing fish into your home isn’t as complicated as bringing another type of pet into your life, right?They’re going into an enclosed tank, instead of running around your house, so the upkeep should be minimal. While that’s true to an extent, there are still health and preparation elements that you’ll need to take into account … Read more

Iwagumi Tank Guide

iwagumi tank

For aquarists who want to take their game one step further, aquascaping can be an enticing concept. Aquascaping generally refers to the craft of designing the concept of your aquarium, from choosing the types of plants you want to have to the substrate you will use. Aquascaping can be quick and simple, or it can … Read more

Algae Control Guide

fish tank algae remover

A common, unwanted side effect of having a fish tank or aquarium is the growth of algae — an umbrella term for plant-like photosynthetic organisms that thrive in the nitrogen-rich environment of a fish tank. While not harmful for fish, algae can obstruct the visual appeal of your tank. The most common form of algae … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Blood Worms

what are blood worms?

Understanding what your fish needs to eat on a day to day basis can be more complicated than it sounds. Your fish’s needs may vary based on the natural habitat from which they came and their general biological make-up. In light of this, some fish need a consistent supply of protein in order to survive … Read more

How to Clean a Fish Tank

how to clean a used fish tank

When buying and assembling your first aquarium, your biggest concerns are likely about the number of fish you can include, the decorations you can buy, and the best lighting you can equip your pretty new tank with. However, once all these fun tasks are completed, you’ll be left with one, very key question: How do … Read more

What is the Ideal Fish Tank Temperature?

fish temperature

Taking care of fish is a big responsibility, whether you’re keeping a full aquarium or a single goldfish in a bowl. Each species and individual tank set-up requires plenty of research and carefully maintained equipment. One of the most important details to keep track of is the temperature of your aquarium’s environment. After all, if … Read more

How to Grow Java Moss

best moss for aquarium carpet

A moss carpet is a beautiful addition to any freshwater aquarium, adding a nice green color that brings your fish’s surroundings to life visually, while also literally improving the health of your tank. But what kind of moss creates the best carpet? You might want to consider using java moss. Java moss is a plant … Read more

Worms in Fish Tank: What to Do

white worms in fish tank

Being an aquarium keeper is no easy task; there will be numerous problems to watch out for over time. One of the most common that you may encounter is an infestation of worms. These fish tank parasites can wreak havoc on your aquarium no matter how experienced you are. As a responsible owner, it is … Read more

Why is My Fish Tank Cloudy?

how to get rid of cloudy fish tank water

Picture this: You have just come home from work, ready to kick back and relax, only to find that your fish tank is full of cloudy water. If you panicked for five minutes before running to ask Google, “Why is my fish tank cloudy?” you can be assured that cloudy fish tank water won’t kill … Read more

Homemade Fish Food Recipes: Our Top Picks

homemade food for aquarium fish

Fish food is an important commodity for any fish owner, but often it can prove to be very expensive and not always worth the cost. This article will not only teach you how to make it yourself, but also how to get the best quality food for the cheapest price! How to Make Homemade Fish … Read more

The Fish Tank Size Guide

standard fish tank sizes

When you’re preparing yourself for your first fish, tank sizes may prove challenging to understand. Some appear unnecessarily flashy, while others are overly plain. Do you need a massive aquarium, or will a typical goldfish bowl do? What factors go into the sizing of your tank? How should you maneuver through different types of tanks? … Read more

A Guide to the Hermit Crab Habitat

hermit crab shells

Hermit crabs can be a great little pet for those with limited space, but what are these little creatures? The kind you find in pet stores are land hermit crabs, and are native to tropical areas of the Indo-Pacific, western Atlantic, and western Caribbean. Although they are land-dwellers, they live close to water in the … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Aquascaping


Aquascaping is the art of gardening under water. To aquascape is to arrange aquatic plants, stone, caves, and driftwood in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing. There is a huge range of styles for your aquascape aquarium, and it has become a very popular hobby. The Aquatic Gardeners Association, a United States-based organization, has over … Read more

Brown Algae in Aquarium: What to Do

how to get rid of brown algae

When your fish tank begins to look dingy, coated with a brown substance on the glass and decorations, you can wonder – what kind of algae is this? Is it harmful? Are there ways to slow its progress in addition to a rigorous cleaning schedule? Worry not. As the name suggests, you’re dealing with brown … Read more

Ich Treatment for Fish

fish ick

If you have a home aquarium, then you have probably heard about the dangers of your tank contracting ich. But what is it? Here we break down all you need to know, along with tips for treating it. What is Fish Ick? The scientific name for ich is ichthyophthirius multifiliis, but is often called ‘white … Read more

How to Cycle an Aquarium

how to cycle an aquarium

If you have an aquarium with a biological filter, then you might have heard of this. But what is cycling a fish tank and why is it necessary? Fish produce waste which can be harmful to any aquascaping you have done, and if unfiltered, can have negative effects on the little creatures themselves. Purchasing a … Read more

How to Style Your Planted Aquarium


It may surprise you, but crafting a beautiful aquascape for your fish tank can actually be an art. Aquascaping is most easily defined as using fish, plants, or man-made decorations to create a beautiful little world inside your aquarium. While many people style their aquariums after underwater areas, like seas or lakes, some attempt to … Read more

Complete Guide to Java Moss

how to grow java moss

First and foremost, what is Java moss? It’s not a weird name for a cup of Joe; in fact, it’s not coffee related at all. But it is a plant — and an easily manipulated one at that! Java moss is most commonly seen in fish tanks, especially freshwater aquariums, because of its adaptability. It’s … Read more

Aquarium Plants: A Beginner’s Freshwater Guide

planted aquarium

Aquarium plants provide a pretty backdrop in any aquarium, but there are also many other ways that they can benefit your tank environment and your fish. The best planted aquarium not only look incredible, but create the perfect home for your fish — improving the water quality and providing hiding spots. But you can’t just … Read more