The Best Fish Tanks Of 2022

best fish tanks

If you’re looking for the best aquarium and fish tanks that money can buy, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled this huge guide to home aquariums that every beginner, intermediate and advanced aquarist needs. Whether you’re looking for the best nano aquarium, large fish tanks and even the best cheap aquariums, we’ve got … Read more

How To Stock A 5 Gallon Fish Tank

5 gallon fish tank combinations

If you’re looking for a compact aquarium to keep in tight quarters or you just want a cute, little tank to fill with tiny fish, then getting a 5-gallon aquarium is the best option. They are one of the most popular tank sizes, but also ones you need to clean most often. Let’s look at … Read more

The Best Protein Skimmer For Your Fish Tank

saltwater protein skimmer

To stay in tip top condition and live a long and healthy life, marine fish require ultra clean water. So what’s the most effective way to remove harmful elements from the water to keep your saltwater aquarium healthy? A protein skimmer. This is an essential piece of kit for saltwater aquarists and is truly the key to … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Zoanthids

how to make a zoa garden

Whether you’re new to aquarium keeping or highly experienced, incorporating corals is a beautiful and ecologically smart way to keep your tank looking gorgeous. As such, have you thought about using zoanthids to brighten up your aquarium? Coral is difficult to properly care for, even if you’re highly experienced. However, you’ll be happy to learn … Read more

A Complete Guide to Coralline Algae

coralline algae

Algae is often thought to be the bane of any aquarium enthusiast’s tank—and for good reason. Large amounts of it can produce too much oxygen or release too much nitrogen back into the environment when it dies, creating an unsafe chemical imbalance that could kill everything inside your tank. Not all algae are bad algae, … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Bristle Worms

saltwater worms

Have you noticed the appearance of worms in your saltwater tank? You may have an infestation of bristle worms – a fairly common occurrence in saltwater aquariums. Exactly what are bristle worms? Are they harmful to your aquarium life? And if they are, then how do you safely get rid of them? If you’re trying … Read more

What is Cloudy Eye in Fish?

how to treat cloudy eye in fish

If fish-keeping isn’t in your wheelhouse, you may be surprised how common it is for people to report, “My fish have cloudy eyes!” It’s a bit unusual from an outside perspective, but cloudy eye in fish is a fairly routine issue. Sadly, it may also be a cause for concern. Here we break down what … Read more

The 9 Most Aggressive Freshwater Fish

aggressive aquarium fish

Fish are some of the easiest pets to care for, according to pop culture. However, none of the children on your favorite TV shows ever had to worry about overly-aggressive tank mates. Predatory freshwater fish are a real concern. When bringing one of these aggressive fish into your home aquarium, you have to consider both … Read more

The 26 Best Saltwater Fish For Your Aquarium

saltwater aquarium fish

Owning a thriving saltwater aquarium is a dream for many aquarists. While keeping freshwater fish is extremely fun and rewarding, there’s just something magical about the exotic beauty of saltwater fish. These are the fish that capture our hearts: from the cute Finding Nemo clownfish to the exquisite seahorse, there’s something to interest every fish keeper! … Read more

The 26 Best Freshwater Fish For Your Aquarium

cool freshwater fish

For the proud fish keeper, there’s nothing more exciting than planning a freshwater fish aquarium. But as you already know, it’s not quite as simple as choosing the most colorful fish and seeing what happens. You need to carefully consider the freshwater aquarium fish that are best for you and your fish tank in order … Read more